Think Outside the Box on Work Product

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. Damianos Realty        03/23/18

When space sits for six months to a year we question its leaseability, in particular its appealability. This is your work product, so it has to be in top shape. While it sits vacant you are presented with numerous repeated opportunities to re-clean it, remove confusing wall layouts, update to brighter LED lighting, touch up paint, remove cobwebs, etc. Any new items or upgrades will help raise the attraction to your space over that of competitors. Buildings with higher numbers of tenants are more popular (not to mention profitable) than those with less.


Think Outside the Box on Rents

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. Damianos Realty        24/01/2018

As your vacant spaces return to the market for re-letting, ask yourself how competitive your terms are in this soft market. If the space has been vacant for six months or more, offer an extra month of free rent over that of your competitors. Offer upgrades to boss offices in areas such as wall coverings, carpets, and moldings. Lower the rent the first year. Be diligent in your efforts to beat the competition. You’ll have the five (5) year lease as the reward.


Can Real Estate Development Benefit The Environment?

Author: Christopher Kelly of Tritec Real Estate Company        11/20/2017

Smart Growth & Sustainable Redevelopment

Historically, employing “green” techniques in real estate development seemed unattainable. Contrary to the belief that new development will add to our environmental headache, many new developments can be the start of a cleaner, healthier Long Island. Modern-day construction practices and innovative building plans are paving the way to forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious and economically-feasible development projects. Regardless of whether or not a new project moves to apply for LEED certification, the inclusion of sustainable elements, such as Energy Star-rated appliances, or the distinctive choice...


Investigate New Ideas

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. Damianos Realty Group LLC        11/1/17

With the advent of advertising technology, we are beset with new ideas which may be right for us. Lit directories with illuminated film strips are becoming replaced with computer type formats. Names of individuals and businesses are programmed with an external computer, rather than by popping a plastic strip in or out. People like entertainment and we are in an information age so there is also news, weather, time/date and stock reports. We are investigating interactive directories to enable users to find individuals inside companies instead of company names only. As time goes on and we open our minds the buildings can’t help but get better and more interesting.


Why Amazon’s HQ2 RFP Matters (especially for cities and regions who won't win)

Author: Brandon Palanker, 3BL Strategies        9/20/17

The Economic Development world is afire with the buzz about Amazon. Who will be the winner? Are Boston or Denver leaders in the club house? Can smaller metros compete with the usual suspects, potentially vaulting their city to the world stage?
Or, does it even matter? After all, only one place is going to win (or, maybe not).

Let’s be honest, how many locations can support the 50,000 new employees, millions upon millions of new square feet of real estate and thousands of new residential units including multifamily and traditional suburban options alike? That doesn’t even contemplate the immense infrastructure and transportation needs.


Whether a region seeks to retain, grow or attract companies of 50,000, 5,000, 500 or 50, Amazon has...

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